How many miles do you have so far??

just about to come up on 114,000 on my 2017 XSE... only issue is i am on my third emissions charcoal canister, i don't think it can keep up with the amount of fuel i dump in it a year... Still original brakes, shocks and everything but the canister...
2015 LE CVT bought new March 2015. Just went over 46,000. Still on original brakes, combined city/hwy is 40MPG. Change the oil myself every 6 months, usually will have been 4k or so since previous change. Only dealer service was the CVT firmware update, waiting for them to get back to me about the airbag recall with a date to bring it in.

But in fact, it isn't important how much you drove. The more important it is with what speed and on what roads you moved and how carefully you took care of your car. I hired a personal driver on . He is really well versed in automobiles and very attentive to how the vehicle behaves. Therefore, I am calm that he will immediately inform me if something happens, and we will fix the problem. But as you know, you should not wait for something to break down, conduct a preventive treatment in advance and drive carefully.
I have a 2014 Corolla LE and it just now turned over 55,000 - right before Christmas 2021.

Of course I have a 2007 Tacoma looking at 200,000 <g>


Hello all!

New to the forum here and new to Corolla's as well. I commute 100 miles a day for work and our Ford Edge and my F150 weren't cutting it for gas mileage. In December I picked up a 2014 Corolla S and am loving it! Bought it with 18k and it now has 29k on it. Winter MPG's were around 33-35 but in the past month I've been seeing 36.5-39, which is awesome.

Anyways, just curious how many miles you guys have on this gen Corolla so far, and if you've ran into any issues along the way. As stated earlier, I'm only at 29k but putting on around 25-30k a year. Hoping to keep this car up to 200-250k (if it will last).
Good Day All!

My 2018 'Rolla has reached the 100K miles mark! Hopefully it's just a 3rd way through her life.

Aside from the regular oil, CVT Fluid, tires, and brake (x1 times) changes, only the water pump has gone out.

There was a little creak from my front right control arm which a bit of silicon grease took care of.

There is also a springy clunk sound coming from the right rear when I turn too hard right...still no idea where it's coming from.

Hope to keep my 'Rolla for many more miles!