It's mechanically safe to buy those Corollas with 125K miles and more?

Hey all!

Greetings from Brasil!

I am the owner of a very well kept Honda Civic 2002 with only 87K miles. Now I am seriously considering to move to an older Toyota Corolla but I have serious doubts that I will find one with such low mileage. The majority of Corollas of these years here have mileages over 125K.

Since I am planning to buy an AT my question is: can I feel safe buying a 98-00 Corolla with such high mileage? I am talking about engine and transmission.

Thank you very much!

I assume you’re asking if the engine and transmission will last. The answer is:

It depends on how the car was maintained, but they will likely last a good while longer, assuming they’re in good shape now.