Lowered CHRs

I know this is a rolla forum but have you all seen the lowered CHRs on IG. they honestly in my opinion look like they should have been the rollas hatch model not the iM. Wonder if you all have any thoughts on the matter.
Please do share. I have a feeling if I ever trade in my 'Rolla, it will be for a CHR. I wish they had these when I was looking for a new car as I would have probably got one. Granted, the aftermarket support would be pretty much non-existant.
aaaand the desire to trade in has increased dramatically.
I feel the same way! Although my Corolla is almost paid off, might just wait it out.

T-demand is the company who lowered the silver CH-R. They make some nice products although it's very pricy. I think their parts are worth it though as they do relieve the stress on the OEM parts that aren't replaced by aftermarket stuff (axles for example) and their suspension parts are made to drive a car at a low height.

Kuhl Racing is the Black CH-R, they just released that lip kit I believe.

326 power lowered a CHR as well.