Need Advice for Buying AE92

Hi members,

I’m new to this community and seeking some advice from the Corolla experts.

I recently came across a 1989 Toyota Corolla GT-Z Levin (supercharged) in my area for $2,500. The vehicle has 119k km on the engine, 5 speed manual m, RHD. The reason for that price is bcuz it’s a project vehicle. Here are things that needs to be considered:
- some clear coat fading
- the transmission blew so will need a new transmission and clutch from I’ve gotten from the owner
- the right side of cluster lights up when revving past 6k rpm ( he recently redid the alternator himself so I’ve heard if alternator has issues it has this happens)
- Radiator needs to be replaced
- engine light is on and the owner believes it’s the O2 sensor bcuz there’s a spot for the sensor on the manifold but it’s not there and when he turns it off and start it up the code will clear until it idles does few minutes. Also note that this vehicle has after market headers and full exhaust
- there was a sticky switch on the brake pedal so it wouldn’t turn off so he messed with it a little so little electrical workout that needs to be sorted
- cheap boost gauge is broken even when line is tight

I believe that is all that I know of from talking to the owner. He seems like an honest guy who cares about this car but he was not the original owner.

After considering all this, is this a project that is possible with parts being hard to come by especially in Canada? My main concern is finding a stock transmission or making other transmissions fit with the Corolla. How much should I expect to spend to make it road worthy compared to how much it’s worth?

I’ll try to post the ad and some pictures but engine seems to run good and the body other than the paint is in good shape and the interior. Again, thanks for all your help in advance.


The car is really worth the money. Oddly enough, this Toyota Corolla FX AE92 is a totally unique project. I enjoyed all the charms of front-wheel drive cars for a long time, but one day I wanted to try something new, specifically four-wheel drive. Most of all, I was surprised by the economy of the car. Besides the small and reasonable fuel consumption, this car seldom had any breakdowns. I can only give one piece of advice. It would help if you found a good seller. Try searching among the listings on You might want to consider a more powerful car model if you have the money.