need to sell 1972 Corolla project car

Hello From Langley BC Canada, I have come to the place where its time to part with my project car. Its a 1972 Corolla with a 2tc engine. Is it possible to list the car here?
I have not taken any photos yet or set a price. Just realized i need to get the parts out a get them ready to sell. Can anyone recommend a good site in Canada. We are close to Vancouver.


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Yeah, I know some sites, I will send u later
If you have a problem with where to buy a car, then there are many good sites I know, one of them is . So I took my new Tayota from a good dealer. I've been driving a car for a year now, and I haven't seen any problems at all. Although I remember that I was also looking for a normal place to buy a car, and could not find it. But thank God I have a best friend who understands cars, and he showed me a good site where they sell quality Japanese cars. I used to ride American cars, but most of all I like Japanese cars, because they are always of high quality and serve you for a long time.