New Corolla

Well last august I traded in my 2007 corolla for a 2011 GMC sierra. Well i realize that probaly was a mistake. The truck only gets 14 mpg. But I realize i'm gonna take a loss on it but I am pondering on getting another corolla. In the long run it will be cheaper! My question is does the new generation corollas have the same issues as my 2007 did? My ECM went out on it and the engine rattled like crazy! So I am thinking about buying one with a manual transmission. Ive heard there are bad throw out bearings in them? I did drive a new generation once and I did notice the engine was a lot smoother a quieter. So can someone give me any advice on these new ones?
I'm a big fan of Consumer Reports

Having thoroughly reviewed the Auto issue, my wife & I set out to get a modest used economy car we looked at corolla, civic, mazda3, Hyundai whatever. We ended up with a new corolla, an automatic transmission.

The small car has limitations in ride and vibration, with that in mind, you could do a lot worse than a corolla.
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Have an '09 S, and wouldn't get a '12 model due to the fact I couldn't get all the goodies on the '12 that I have now: A leather-wrapped steering wheel, auto-on headlights, rear-seat HVAC ducts, and those uber-cool center-stack side pockets. All that stuff is gone in the '12s!

But as a car, I think it's a good one: Big trunk, plenty of head- and rear-seat legroom, plenty of interior storage, and 40+ mpg highway.

Would opt for the auto transmission, though. The sunroof is pretty cool, too. And you might as well go for the S model, as it has stiffer springs, a special interior, and fairly good-looking alloy wheels.
Ours is the S

With a sunroof. If you search carefully there are available some LE models with sunroof, alloy wheels, and fog lights. We looked very hard at that model, but my wife preferred the steering wheel and seat of the S. Wish the S engine was a bit peppier than the LE.
I have a 2011 S with the ground effects and fog lamps everything but got a really great deal on it at Milton Rubens think I paid a le price on it but mine will haul butt I ran with a civic si so it will get up and go