Selling property?

I sold my parents' house last year. I didn't want to make a profit or some benefit on this selling. The most important thing for me was that the process of sale was quick. I found a company that buys residential or commercial property and they bought my house in two weeks. To my surprise they even offered a price that I didn't even expect. So, if you need a team of specialists to buy your house you can contact this company.
I had some experience in this. I sold my apartment last year, hardly to be fair due to this pandemic. I did it by myself, didn't reach to a real estate agency or something like that. 3 years ago I sold my parent's house, well I took care of it and this year my grandparents want to sell their house. Because it is a mid-century designed house I began searching for a specialized agency. Now is hard to find a good one but luckily I found a reliable real estate that last week formed all the documents to begin the selling. Till now, I am pleased, we had some viewers and a potential buyer.