Original Equipment Toyota Parts Website

Unless I'm missing something, it seems it just directs you to a toyota dealer near you zip code. That's where I initially went to buy touch up paint. After 15 minutes in line, and another ten minutes of him trying to understand the paint code, he told me they didn't have it, but he could order it and I could make another trip back and spend more time getting it. I was hoping someone might know of a dealer that has a good web based parts business that would get me out of the time consuming dealer visit. Honda has a few well known ones, haven't found a Toyota one yet, maybe I just need to do more homework. Thanks, though.

Upon further review it looks like you can attempt to order the part on line at the individual dealers' website. That helps some. Just kind of wish I knew of one or two good dealers who had an extensive in stock inventory with posted prices. Some of the dealers appear to go through amazon for a lot of their parts sales.
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